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Archives: Volume 5 - Issue 28 - November 2003
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Another Day in Paradise - November 2003

Volume 5 - Issue 28

November 2003

Welcome to Another Day In Paradise.

Letter from the Editor

November is upon us, and my, do we have a lot of work to do this season!

Our little beach town is growing and ADiP is scrambling to keep up.
We've added some new features and we'll be adding even more as the months progress.

This month we have an even bigger Business and Finance section to keep our minds sharp and our knowledge updated. And to shake off any lingering rainy season fog, we've decided to dive right into our new Art & Architecture series, beginning this month with natural elements and La Casa Que Canta hotel. We are expanding even more into Michoacán and welcome our new readers in Morelia, Pátzcuaro and Uruapan with a monthly section devoted to that beautiful mountain region. This month highlighting Morelia's first annual international film festival. As well as our regular features on food, fishing, history, community, things to do and more.

We want to know what you think. This season we are starting a reader's poll called "Best of Ixtapa/Zihuatanejo." For the next 6 months, you the reader, will be able to place your votes for the Best Of... in 10 categories and all results will be published in our April issue. Go to our web site ( and follow the links on the home page to cast your votes, deadline March 15, 2004.

Also be on the look out for more information about Zihuatanejo's new sister city program with Palm Desert, CA.

And mark your calendars for April 17-24 2004. Zihuatanejo is hosting its first annual international Guitar festival. A week of guitar music in paradise. Venues, sponsors, volunteers and poster designs (among other things) are being solicited, contact me for more information.

Until next time !



El Molcajete
So you want real traditional Mexican Cooking?

This is the first of a series of articles that will have you ready to do it. In writing these items about Mexican cooking, I have to give all of the credit of the information and “how to” to Rebecca Ambriz. For my part, I just enjoy her great talent in the kitchen, and translate everything to English for these pages.

Meet the Captains - Adolfo (Aleman) Espinosa
The location was the imposing and very dangerous rocky point dividing Playa Linda and the stretch of palm lined beach defined by Playa Pantla and Playa Buena Vista. The swells were moderate, but as they ended their thousands of mile journey by crashing on the rocky shoreline, the spray was reaching heights of 30 feet or more. We were on the panga Dos Hermanos and only a few feet from the back side of the crashing olas. Our quarry was roosterfish.

Fish Report - November 2003
November, the start of our fall/winter fishing season, can be an outstanding month for all species. All along our pristine beaches and rocky points, there are huge roosterfish in the surf line...

Frida's Father
Despite the sufferings of ill health, Guillermo Kahlo made pictures that remain a legacy to Mexican art and culture. Like daughter, like father...

by Gregg Thompson

La Casa Que Canta - The Architectural Renaissance in Zihuatanejo
Few people understand the impact of even one well-designed building project on the surrounding area. Even fewer know the cause and effect of the simple yet sophisticated beauty of the buildings of Zihuatanejo.

Business in Paradise
When it comes to dedicating efforts towards the goal of preparing travel agents...
Ixtapa/Zihuatanejo has the leverage on most other Mexican resorts.

Confused - and Concerned - About Tax Obligations Related to the Sale of Your Mexican Real Estate?
Confused - and Concerned - About Tax Obligations Related to the Sale of Your Mexican Real Estate? Here’s How to Build Your Case for a Mexican Homestead Tax Exemption!
By Raoul Rodríguez-Walters

Wine Festival
Bringing together three of Mexico’s finest wineries for a three day Wine Festival is just the latest endeavor in Hotel Villa del Sol’s commitment to fine wine and dining.

Upcoming Events - 2 Tag & Release Tournaments in November
The first tournament, being held on November 17, 18, and 19 is the Ixtapa Zihuatanejo Total Tag and Release Tournament. Ixtapa Sportfishing Charters ( tournament/) teamed with Cabelas and AeroMexico as two of the major sponsors, and has two divisions.

The second tournament is the oldest of the two and in its 5th year. Originally designed as a tournament to bring the awareness of tag and release to the captains here in Ixtapa /Zihuatanejo, it has maintained its format where most of the prizes have always gone to the captains of the placing teams.

Z-Scene - November 2003
It’s Magic
So good to be back in the magical land of Z after being in Los Angeles where road rage appears to be a normal way of communicating. I stayed in the Magical Malibu Colony with Longtime and Dear friend, Mentor and Champion of LA’s Foster Children and other worthy organizations and All Around Awesome Woman NANCY MOONVES...

On the cover: La Casa Que Canta, salt water pool. Photo: Courtesy La Casa Que Canta

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