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Archives: Volume 5 - Issue 32 - March 2004
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Another Day in Paradise - Zihuatanejo, Mexico - March 2004

Volume 5 - Issue 32

March 2004

Welcome to Another Day in Paradise

It’s March and there’s a lot of things going on here in paradise, some might say far too many…too many things to do, too many things going on, too many choices, too many ways to spend a day.

But here at Another Day in Paradise we’re trying to make it simpler for you, trying to put all that’s bright and beautiful about Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo right here in one magazine every month. A monumental task, perhaps, but this month we rose to the challenge and found all sorts of beauty to bring you ..not that it’s hard to find it here.

...And don’t forget to get your ballots in for the Best of Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo poll by March 15th, results will be published next month. Visit the web site to cast your votes you can even vote for yourself !

And we’re still in need of volunteers and sponsors for the First Zihuatanejo International Guitar Festival, for more info.

Enjoy !

Sailfest 2004
There were fewer boats, but plenty of spirit at this year's Zihua SailFest which, in five days of parades, beach parties, races, and music January 28 to February 1, 2004 raised over $3,284 USD for the Netzahualcoyotl School for Indigenous Children and other educational projects in Zihuatanejo. And for the third year in a row, Richard and Gloria Bellack of the Bellack Foundation and a new official supporter, Bill Underwood of the Underwood Family Foundation, helped match the $15,142 raised by the cruisers. Last year's SailFest ended up with more than $23,000 for the Indian school.

Meet the Captains - Capt. Lenny
Captain Leonardo Villa Alvarez is a captain of unique knowledge and abilities. At the young age of 25 years, he is captain of the two most prestigious charter boats in the entire Ixtapa -Zihuatanejo fishing fleet...

Surfing Guerrero, Part 3
In the past two articles we discussed the various surf breaks the Ixtapa/Zihuatanejo area has to offer. In this month's article let's switch gears and talk about surfing in general. One might wonder what is there to talk about, it look's simple enough, just get a surfboard, paddle out, catch a wave and stand up. What could be so complicated about that? You can not imagine, VOLUMES can be written on the many facets that make up this gem called surfing.

The Kayak Lesson
The kayaks sat on the wet sand just out of range of the barely breaking surf. I stood staring down at mine - the variegated blue one that bore my initials but that I had yet to ride...

The Art of Cooking
My family is a little unique. I am only the third American born male in my family; but we go back over 16 years. My great-grandfather was born in Germany in 1840, and emigrated to the U.S. in 1860. Because of the relative few generations, as compared to the time span, we are a family which retained a lot of the old country cooking concepts. To this day, my mouth still waters when I think of my grandmother's head cheese, sausage, chicken and dumplings, and home made noodles...

Golfing in Paradise
My wife and I just returned from our third trip to Zihuatanejo in four years. Much to my wife's chagrin, I hauled my golf clubs in their large hard case to paradise yet again. Every trip, I have taken the opportunity to play the Marina Club de Golf golf course in Ixtapa...

Z-Scene - March 2004

Gloria Bellack had a fab birthday week celebrating 34 years of multiple birthday parties which included the birthdays of friends from around the globe. Ray Collins from San Antonio, Linda Ball from San Diego, Penny Franz from Las Vegas, former Miss World Annie Sydney from Great Britain and Australia, and Gloria's son Avon Dawson from Great Britain all met up in Z to party hearty...

More "Netza" news... one families' dream vacation
When Marcia and Roger Rom flew to Zihuatanejo from Alaska with their three daughters this past January, they were looking for more than just another day in paradise...

Poetry Contest and the author of Every Dog Has Its Day, Robert Covey, are trying to help raise funds to support the Library in Troncones, Guerrero, Mexico Biblioteca de Troncones. The library was donated by Barbara Lindlan in honor of her late husband, Harry Lindlan, who died in 1998 while they were building their home in Troncones, and has been a wonderful addition to the community.

The Architect: Enrique Zozaya
Everyone knows a Zozaya building, whether they're aware of it or not.

In a way he informs the landscape of coastal Mexico as surely as enramadas and plastic Sol chairs. Synonymous with luxury coastal homes and hotels, his influence has begun to trickle into the mainstream in Zihuatanejo over the last decade. Most of the influential buildings which identify our little town were created by Zozaya; most of our stunning views involve one of his designs.

Business in Paradise
Meeting planners, incentives and conventions, market segments that are twice as attractive...

Real Estate & the Law in Mexico
If you have ever thought of investing or have invested in Mexican real estate you have probably heard the word "presta nombre" used. But what is a "presta nombre"? Most people that I have talked to or worked with that have used a "presta nombre" describe it to me as "the man or woman whose name my property is in". In short, it consists of buying a property and putting it in someone else's name. But why would anyone want to do this? And the bigger questions, is this legal?

On the cover: Sailfest 2004 by Carol Juk

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