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Archives: Volume 5 - Issue 31 - February 2004
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Another Day in Paradise - February 2004

Volume 5 - Issue 31

February 2004

Welcome to Another Day in Paradise

Once again February is a time of great change !

For all of our online readers up north who daydream through their work days about getting back to ZIH and spend entire afternoons searching the internet for great airfare deals, (I only know cause you tell me, promise ! ): We now have 2 new airline carriers that can help you get here, with new direct flights making us even closer to almost everywhere (now if only they'd advertise their specials with me we'd all be happy !)

Plus the increasing number of new developments coming to town and the continued steady traffic from our Michoacan neighbors to the north makes me really want to feel new-ly optimistic about 2004. And here in the ADIP office we have reason for optimism, this month we welcome a new member to the small overworked and underpaid team. Introducing: Tamara Weaver, new staff designer whose illustration graces this month's cover.

So February, it's all about the new !

Sacred Hearts
For the Spanish Invaders it was the Devil's work; an abomination. But for the Aztecs, human sacrifice appeased their gods and gave meaning to the Universe.

Cafe Chuleto
Famous in Zihuatanejo for his excellent food and colorful personality Swiss Chef Paul Karrer was a local legend.

His untimely death last year deprived Zihuatanejo of one of it's most renowned restaurants and left an entire community with a tremendous sense of loss. Friends and fans of the restaurant alike mourned for the gregarious character that was Chef Paul and for the legacy of the restaurant he had spent so many years creating...

Café Chuleto Review
Having spent many happy days here on vacation over the last eight years, I had had the pleasure of experiencing Chez Paul...

Surfing Guerrero - Part 2
In last month's issue of Another Day in Paradise we looked at the surf choices in and around Ixtapa/Zihuatanejo. This month we will look north of Playa Linda and explore the surf from Troncones to The Ranch...

February Surf Report
Congratulations are due to Zihuatanejo's own National Surfing Champion, Ana Scales, who came second in an international field during the Festival de Colotepec Surf tournament, in challenging 6 to 8 foot waves at Oaxaca's Puerto Escondido...

Hang Gliding - Proving the Wright brothers wrong in Majahua
December 17th 2003 marked the 100 year anniversary of the famous 'first powered flight' at Kitty Hawk. Many regard this as the beginning of flight.

A glorious achievement sure enough, but to many aviation purists the Wrights took a wrong turn that sidelined sky sailing for seventy-five years. Without meaning to diminish their contribution to the air age, as after all the Wright brothers were behind some major breakthroughs, they were wrong to malign flight without power...

More Birds of La Ropa
So, I left you last month looking up in the sky at Pelicans, Frigate birds, and Boobies and now it's time to get back down to earth...especially right at the waters edge. Our main attraction here is the Willet (Catoptrophorus semipalmatus), that long legged, non-descript brown bird that is running in and out of the surf line looking for food...

Business in Paradise
New airlines, more destinations and better connections for Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo. Winner and loser; while some of the hotels in Ixtapa are in decline, new projects revive the hospitality industry...

Mexican Wills - How Foreign Residents Can Avoid Losing Control of Their Estates
US and Canadian citizens living in Mexico frequently ask, "Do I need a Mexican Will? While there is no legal requirement to have a Will executed in Mexcio, our recommendation, even for people whose only asset in Mexico is their real property held in trust, is to be proactive and draft a Mexican Will. The principal reason is that Mexican property is often caught outside of the trust arrangements: automobiles, jewelry, objects of art, shares in golf clubs, business interests, etc....

Paracho, Michoacan - Guitar Capital of Mexico
After years of mass marketing their guitars, the luthiers of Paracho are now making some of the best guitars in the world; hand made, exquisitely crafted and bound for concert halls across the globe

On the cover: Palapa Girlby Tamara Weaver

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