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Archives: Volume 5 - Issue 29 - December 2003
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Another Day in Paradise - December 2003

Volume 5 - Issue 29

December 2003

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And keep checking back for more information about Zihuatanejo's first annual international Guitar festival, April 24 .

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How to Make Homemade Tortillas
Tortillas have been used as a staple food source in Mexico since at least the days of the Aztecs. Corn (maiz) is native to the Americas, with wheat and other grains not arriving until after the Europeans. It is well documented how the Aztec Indians would boil the corn kernels, add a little limestone to release the hard shelled skin from the surface of the kernel, and then grind them to make flour. The flour, called harina (ah-reena), was then mixed with water to make dough, called masa. Other than mass production with machines, today's methods have changed very little.

The pangero must have skills, honed to perfection, to catch fish day in and day out, or they do not eat.

In Mexico, the two words "panga" and "fishing" are synonymous. In all of history, there probably has never been a style of boat, of similar size, that has been as versatile and has caught as many fish as the Mexican panga. That statement may raise a few eyebrows, because the panga has only been around the last 50 years or so. However, when you consider that Mexico has some of the richest waters in the world for fishing, the worldwide demand for fish, the advent of the outboard engine, and the thousands of pangas fishing these waters, it is not a statement to be taken lightly.

Emiliano Zapata - Icon of the Mexican Revolution
Most states in Mexico have a town named after the revolutionary leader Emiliano Zapata; some have two. There's a reason...

Emiliano Zapata loved horses as much as he hated politicians. Horses he understood - he trusted their instincts. But politicians were opportunists who couldnīt be trusted. And trust is what mattered most to Emiliano Zapata. He said he could pardon a man who stole to feed his family, but he could never forgive a traitor. Because Zapata never betrayed the trust of his people he remains today the most revered leader of the Mexican Revolution. In the end, trust betrayed is what killed him.

Viva Zapata!
by Gregg Thompson

It was Brando's first action film, his first in costume and... his first playing a character outside his own culture

Action, romance, betrayal and death - the 1952 "bio-pic" on the life of Mexican revolutionary Emiliano Zapata had it all. Fronting the irresistible story-line was a cast of rising Hollywood stars, the formidable directing talents of Elia Kazan and a script written by Pulitzer prize-winner John Steinbeck.

25 Year in Paradise... Hotel Villa del Sol
by Lisa Coleman

In the early 1970's, some of Mexico's most enticing beaches were yet to be discovered. A young, adventurous German engineer named Helmut Leins wanted to change that. He wanted to create a resort so intimate and so exclusive that it would forever define luxury in Mexico. When he finally encountered the seaside village of Zihuatanejo and its stunning beach 155 miles up the coast from Acapulco, he knew he had found the perfect location to realize his dream. His passion and vision came to life in one of the most enchanting beach getaways anywhere - The Villa del Sol.

Business in Paradise
An elder maid and her younger sister
Several hundred years of age difference between sisters is indeed uncommon, but surprisingly enough, the case exits right here in our own town... two - apparently quite unalike - communities, Palm Desert in California and Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo in Guerrero, have recently bonded as Sister Cities.

Can I Buy Ejido Land?
A very large part of Mexican real estate is classified as ejido land. Ejido land is not private property and cannot be bought and sold as if it were. However, since the constitutional reforms of 1992 ejido land now can be converted into private property and sold to third parties, including foreigners. The present article will briefly describe what an ejido is and how ejido land is classified as well as talk about the ways in which ejido land can be converted into private property.

Stretch Those Muscles and BREEEATHE...
Yoga has always been, as far as I'm concerned, something other people did.

The reason for this is if there were a competition for the most inflexible bodies in the world, I'd stand a good chance of winning! All the various gym injuries over the years have not exactly helped in the flexibility department, either! However, when something is available just down the road, far be it from me not to try it. So I did. And I'm still going to classes 3 months later...

Z-Scene - December 2003
VIVA AMOR: It was a glamorous and joyous affair when Michelle Gholdoian and Chris Beerman were married at the Hotel Villa Del Sol. Michelle is the daughter of George Gholdoaian of Huntington Beach and Barra de Potosi, and Patty Gholdoian who lives in the L.A area...

Travelling Michoacan
Today's famous tourism destinations in Mexico and in the world were discovered long ago by adventurous travelers who looked for unspoiled and unusual places, way before they had anything resembling a tourist infrastructure. The most beautiful places gained their fame thanks to those travelers, and became tourist destinations that today boast large hotels and first class installations fit for the most comfortable vacations. Fortunately, the spirit of discovery and first hand "conquest" still persists in many people....

Another Day in Paradise Magazine, Zihuatanejo Mexico, December
On the cover: Hotel Villa del Sol's soaring new palapa covered lobby
Photo: Courtesy Hotel Villa del Sol

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