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April 2004

Welcome to Another Day in Paradise

"Summertime, and the livin' is easy."

April brings us to the last issue of our 5th season, thanks to all our readers for making it possible. The summer months have traditionally been considered low season when things slow down here in paradise.but that becomes less obvious every year with rises in national tourism and still many international visitors coming our way during the summer. The rains come and wash away the dust, leaving the surrounding areas and mountainsides lush and green with explosions of flowers and vegetation. In many ways a wonderful time to be here, slower pace and less crowds on the beach when you want to beat the heat. And for ADIP, summer time is vacation time ! Time to catch up on our tans and beach reading. So until November, have a great summer, see you on the beach and thanks for another season in paradise.

Enjoy !

March - April Fish Report
Colder water temperatures continue to make for a good Marlin and Tuna bite offshore while the SAILFISH bite remains sluggish. Historically, late February into March and April has been a trophy time in Ixtapa Zihuatanejo, rather than a time when anglers can expect big numbers of fish. Last week was no exception to that pattern. Captains and crews worked hard for each strike, but those who were fortunate enough to hook up were rewarded with some long battles and nice fish...

A Day of Beach Cleaning
On Saturday March 20, volunteers swarmed the Costa Grande, committed to giving four hours of their time to cleaning our beaches, our bay, lagoons and even some streets and neighborhoods. Plastic beverage bottles were the most collected item, however the assortment included plastic bags, cans, glass bottles, chunks of polyurethane foam, cigarette filters, bottle caps, asbestos roofing, hypodermic syringes, tires, diapers, a truck bumper and other assorted trash...

Surfing Guerrero - Part 4
The more we look into the world of surfing the more we find. This issue will explore surfboards and surfboard selection. The word "surfboard" is described in the Merriam-Webster dictionary as "a buoyant board used in riding the crests of waves". Accurate to some extent but vague at best...

The Secret to Mexican Cuisine is in the Ingredients
Twelve years ago, I was pregnant with my first daughter when we came to live in this region of the country. We came with the intention of giving our children a safe clean place to live...

Z-Scene - April 2004

Oscar viewing was in full swing at Luscious Lois and Dashing David Brown's Oscar Party. Arriving on the red carpet and looking very glam were Gloria and Richard Bellack who brought their friend John Lee from Santa Fe, N.M. John is a writer for The Lonely Planet Travel Survivor Kit...

Best of Ixtapa/Zihuatanejo Awards

The results are in for the first ever Another Day in Paradise Best of Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo Reader's Choice Awards.

And let me just say, some of you have some pretty strange ideas, but for the most part your opinions were pretty consistent, sometimes overwhelmingly so.

Devils on Wheels
In what was billed as the First Annual Skateboard Tournament in Zihuatanejo, two dozen skateboarders-ranging in ages 10 - 18, and including a 15-year-old girl-raced, sprinted, jumped, twirled, twisted, hopped, crashed and fell to the delight of an appreciative applauding and cheering crowd of some 300 supporters.

Warhol, Marilyn and Travel Writing in Mexico
Conversations with Legendary Underground Publisher, John Wilcock

When I first met John Wilcock he asked me if I had any scotch tape. A somewhat twitchy man wearing chartreuse socks, Wilcock was not what I expected. He absently lifted a tattered canvas tote bag as he continued scanning the restaurant expecting the tape to manifest in a flowerpot somewhere.

Mexican Capital Gains Tax ... and how your deed declared property value affects it
Just as in the United States or Canada, the foreigner selling his trust rights in real estate must pay a tax on his profits to S.A.T., previously known as Hacienda, Mexico's version of Uncle Sam. None of us like to pay taxes but we've become accustomed to paying them in our own countries and, believe it or not, Mexico's tax is probably no worse than what we would pay at home...

Traveling Mexico - Taxco, Guerrero
Looking for a weekend getaway from Zihua? Try Taxco, Mexico's silver capital, located 8 hours away by bus at the northern end of Guerrero state. Getting there was half the fun recently for our contingent of 7 travelers as we climbed higher and higher through the mountains to our destination city, which literally clings to the side of Mt. Atache and boasts nary a street that is both straight and flat for more than a few blocks...

On the cover: Hand painted laquered tray from Olinala, Gro., a picturesque mountain village famous for it's beautifully detailed lacquer and painting techniques on trays, boxes, gourds, dishes... found locally at Alberto Rodriguez's Artesanias Olinala on Cinco de Mayo in Zihuatanejo.
Photo: Catherine Krantz

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