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Fishing Reports - November

"...these hard fighting 15 to 25 pound fish will test the skill of any angler."

----Ed Kunze---

November certainly has plenty of activity. There are more people arriving everyday. The major Catch and Release Tournament runs from the 16th through the 18th for 3 days for some of the world's best billfishing by many of the world's best fishermen. The offshore fishing is going strong and the inshore action is starting to peak.


Sailfish and dorado are as close as 5 miles off the beach with most of the boats fishing between 5 and 10 miles out in front of Ixtapa. Every boat is getting a couple with several boats releasing 5 and 6 per day.

Blue marlin are the big story. Most of the local charters are getting them on a slow trolled barrilete while the private boats seem to have just as good of luck fast trolling artificial. Many of the blue marlin are caught while fishing for the sailfish, but the people who are actually targeting marlin, are averaging one per day.


The jack cravalle are in the bay and are being caught by slow trolling or drifting a live bait. When taken on light line of 12 to 20 pound test, these hard fighting 15 to 25 pound fish will test the skill of any angler.

Roosterfish are really putting on a show on the other side of the Morro de Petalan. Catching 5 of the exotic fish a day is common with most averaging about 22 pounds and a few reported being larger than 40 pounds.


November 2000

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