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Art in Zihuatanejo

Grand Opening of Zih Galería

"Zih Galería is a welcome addition to Zihuatanejo's ever growing art community and well worth a visit."

--Catherine Krantz--

Mexico has long had a rich art tradition. Masters in almost every form have hailed from this country. From sculpture to wood carving, furniture designers, jewelry and metal working to a vast tradition of painters, the list goes on. Just about every genre of art can be found in Mexico's history and the tradition continues to this day. Many Mexican cites are known for their great art galleries and Zihuatanejo is not far behind.

November 1st was the grand opening of a new gallery in Zihuatanejo, Zih Galería, run by artists, Kirsti Alopaeus and Luz Machado.

Zihuatanejo has long been known for its inspiring scenery and artists have always been here, any day now the rest of the world will catch on to what Zihuatanejo has long known: a great amount of talent can be found in Zihuatanejo. And with the opening of Zih Galería, a whole new host of talented artists are setting up shop.

Zih Galería is showcasing eleven established, international artists: Alopaeus, Machado and Arturo Arvizu, Esther Betesh, Jose Coyote, Antonio Lukin, Diana Manzanos, Tere Metta, Claudia Politi, Rosalia Ramirez Galan and Patrick Tobin. At the moment, examples of all these artists works can be seen at the gallery, located on Juan Alvarez just up from the pier, but very soon they will begin their monthly individual shows.

All of the artists, except Alopaeus and Tobin are from Mexico City.

Kirsti Alopaeus is originally Finnish, but grew up in Puerto Rico and Mexico and has lived in Mexico over twenty-five years, five years here in Zihuatanejo. She has worked and shown as an artist internationally. She worked in New York as a film scenery designer and window designer, she has won many international competitions for furniture design and has had many individual and groups shows for her painting. She is best known here for her rich, colorful and tropical paintings.

Patrick Tobin is an American painter now living in Laguna Beach, CA. He lived in Mexico for over twenty years along the Oaxaca and Guerrero coasts. A surfer famous for his beach and surf art, he has been profiled in Surf magazines for his tropical landscapes painted on location. He has had many individual shows in Mexico, Hawaii and across the US.

Esther Betesh, Luz Machado, Tere Metta and Rosalia Ramirez Galan studied drawing under Eduardo Cohen for almost eight years. They all now have their own studios for painting but get together for graphic design work in the Mexico City graphics studio they own together. They have all had several group and individual shows.

Claudia Politi is also a partner in their graphics studio, but completed her studies in France and Japan. She lived in France for eight years and has had shows in Mexico, the US and France.

Arturo Arvizu, Jose Coyote and Antonio Lukin studied in one of the best and well known Art Academies in Mexico. They are all established and known artists in Mexico and have had shows in Mexico, the US and South America.

Zih Galería is a welcome addition to Zihuatanejo's ever growing art community and well worth a visit. They are located on Juan Alvarez, one block over from the fishermen's walk, just down from the pier parking lot. Zih Galería is the two story building with the palapa awning, directly below the large white 5 story apt building.

The hours are 11a-2p and 5p-9p, closed Wednesdays.

In addition to the gallery, on the same street, construction is underway on a Oaxacan Boutique, a Cafe and a deli style Obo's Bistro. All this, in addition to construction of a new JJ's Junk Food Joint and the new location of Hacienda Luna Azul is making this stretch of Juan Alvarez a new Zihua hot spot.

November 2000

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