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Fan Mail

Greetings from Minnesota, Thanks for putting out your 2000 edition. Keep up the informative articles.

Glad to see you are up and running after the summer. I have been to Zihua since reading your paper(s). The info you had helped me a lot....I plan to return!! I appreciate all your efforts.... P from Seattle

Thank you for the newspaper, we enjoy it along with the back issues and look forward to each new edition-J&H Vancouver Island, CAN

We are looking forward to our trip in January 2001. We will read every edition until our trip - Cold friends from the North.

Glad you're back. Time for those of us who can only get a couple of weeks of the winter in paradise, to start planning....G

Great article on shopping in Patzcuaro! -S in AZ

Thanks for the new issue--as winter hits, our thoughts shift to our next trip to Ixtapa. The reviews of restaurants are always a big hit and we can't wait to try them - K in Oregon

Thanks for coming back and doing the newspaper again...I just love it and it makes my time go faster until I can return - J in MN

Hi Ladies: Just wanted to send a note to thank you. Keep up the good work. We appreciate it - P in Chicago

Let me compliment you on how great a job you and your associates are doing keeping me and many others constantly informed about Zihua-Ixtapa. Regards, G

I just finished reading your publication on the internet and am very impressed! Great information. We enjoy trying new restaurants and you have given me some good ideas - L in San Antonio.

Having the site to check into brings back a lot of memories. BUT I miss the gossip column- S in Sweden.

The new issue is great! Enjoy your sunshine - we are having rain at this moment!! S&L in BC, Canada

Is you newsletter out yet. (Web site still has the last edition. No problem just waiting...) - H

I stumbled upon your magazine and have just finished all the issues back to October. GREAT JOB! - J in CA

Thanks for keeping me updated with your publication. I always look forward to reading about Paradise because it takes me back there for a little while - B&R in TX

Keep up the good work! I really enjoy reading about what is going on down there - J

When is the next edition coming out I can't wait...........C

Love your stuff on the internet - F, Orcas Island, WA

Thanks for all the kind words! We love hearing from you.

November 2000

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