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Z-Scene March 2001

Judy Brown

ADVENTURE ON THE HIGH SEAS: Owners of the NIRVANA, Z-superwoman-in-training KATE and husband ANDREW reported a rare sighting of Orcas a few miles outside the bay. While taking out two couples who were visiting here all the way from Fargo, North Dakota they spotted a mother Humpback whale who had just given birth. The Orcas spotted the pair as well and a chase ensued. The Nirvana also gave chase and after five miles the calf disappeared. The two couples went back to Fargo with an unforgettable memory of "The Wolves of the Sea". HAND PICKED CAST OF PIRATES: "World Renowned Artist" and in the tradition of artists, "Z-Bad Boy" PETER SCHWORER of Z-Town Gallery took a private party of eighteen locals and out-of-towners on a sail on the Nirvana in honor of PETER'S father BILL, who was visiting Zihuatanejo for the first time. The partygoers included, Z-Beauty ISABEL, Z-Tantra-lizing TANYA , Z-Newspaper Maven Catherine, Famous CLAUDE from Mexico City, Commodore WALTER of Casa Bahia, Z-Couple JOHN and CAROL, RAY and MALURY from Troncones, BRUCE and DEBORAH from North Carolina, RICK and CISSY of Ixtapa & Austin and of course, the terrific crew of the Nirvana. Everyone had a blast. "What a great day and great way to spend time with friends", exclaimed PETER. His only regret was "not being able to take more along"

FEMALE ORGASMITRON: Have you ever noticed how several of the Z-Superwomen including Z-Always Amazing MARGO, Z-Beauty ISABEL, Z-Lightful GRACE, Z-Lovely LETI, Z- Ms.Extraordinaire JUDITH and a myriad of other Superwomen disappear every Thursday? I happen to know that they...and at times a few Lion Tamers...sneak off into the Mexican atmosphere of a typical Pozolaria where good food and authentic Mexican music abound. Do investigate if this peaks your interest.

AND Z BEAT GOES ON: Joining in the festivities at the Zih Galleria opening of artist JOSE COYOTE'S unique and beautiful work of acrylic on wood were LUIS MUNOZ of La Serena Gorda, Z-fabulous artist KIRSTI, WILL of Casa Bahia, JOHN and CAROL of Zihrena Systems, and SAM ROBARDS. Adding to the glamour of the evening were Z-Beauty ISABEL and Z-Tantra-lizing TANYA among others.

FYI: Real Estate Agent Extraordinaire JUDITH WHITEHEAD of PARADISE PROPERTIES took JOCELYN from France and BARRY from New Zealand to a scrumptious dinner at AL CILANTRO in Ixtapa. GUILLERMO and GABY are the owners and GABY is the chef of the charming restaurant and bed and breakfast which is in their beautiful home Villas Tres Puertas.

SUPER SUNDAY: Z-Star Beautician KIMBERLY who owns the beauty shop at the Villa Del Sol, and husband GONZALO who rents the parasails and has the water skiing concession in the bay, with daughters TANISHA and LILI spent a glorious day at Splendidos in Playa Larga lunching and watching the dolphins surf the waves. Also feeling the love was Z-Lightful GRACE and friends who were playing Scrabble while watching the show.

Z-SIGHTING: "Scene" dining at COCONUTS was Mexican Superstar PEDRO ARMANDARIZ, HIJO who is a frequent visitor of the popular hotspot. Also "sipping the night fantastic" at the bar were INEZ and JIM from B.C. and RICK of Rick's Bar, as well as LOGAN and friends. ANA was giving Valentine hearts made of soap to a chosen few. Thanks ANA.

OOPS, I DID IT AGAIN: Can't help myself from going to Troncones for Sunday lunch at Hacienda Eden. The bar-b-que is delicious and British waitress ANNA customized a libation at the request of yours truly. It was a kind of "Cosmopolitan" with a distinct Polynesian-Mexican-Meditteranean flavor...or so I remember! I do know that Ms Extraordinaire and I were joined at our table by HANS of Posada de Las Raqueros and RAY and MALURY ORDAS of Puesta Del Sol. RAY is a talented artist and MALURY owns a travel agency in Montrosel, Ca. Also doing it again and adding to the fun was "World Renowned Artist" and Z-Bad Boy PETER. REBECCA from La Jungle was there with her "fastest dog on the beach" SPEEDY GONZALES. Are you ready for this? SPEEDY has a pierced earring! Cooool!

FREAKY FRIDAY: Hope you all survived the storm on March 3rd, otherwise known as Freaky Friday. Any stories? Do tell! This is an equal opportunity column so let me hear from you.
And don't forget the OSCAR PARTY at the new JJ's Burgers and Tacos on March 25th., Z-superwoman-in-training KATE, Z-Kaptivating Kat and Z-Happening Bartender Catherine are producing it...aaand it should definitely be HAPPENING! So be there or be.....oh, you know!

Z You Next Time...

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March 2001

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