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Z-Scene - January 2001

By Judy Brown

Took my friends, SANDRA and JAY MESENGER of Colorado to see the "fab-ienda" being built by TONY and CLAIRE PIAZZA of the TRISTAR. Tony was nice enough to give us a tour and Jetsales magnate Jay, whose mother is columnist MAXINE MESENGER of the Houston Chronicle, was so impressed that he asked Real Estate Agent Extraordinaire, JUDITH WHITEHEAD of PARADISE PROPERTIES, to find a piece of paradise for him to buy.

Also in town were MARGO CHIPMAN'S beautiful daughters MALI and TURQUESA who along with my two hijas, JESSIE and CHELSEA and others spent the day funning at Manzanillo Beach. Margo and her burro led the group for the 45 minute hike over the mountain.

I had a party at my "happy-minium" and among the guests were MARTA and SEBASTIAN SOLER of Mexico City, DAVID BROWN and his radiant wife LOIS, TONY PIAZZA and his charming CLAIRE, and Z Superwomen LEONORA, JACKIE, MARGO and GRACE with her handsome son, WINTER. Massage Therapist Supreme TOM MARKS who you can find at HOTEL EL PARAISO REAL added to the fun. Sorry to say that I was on the plane back to L.A. during the party given by the gracious CINDEE and DAN LEO. Our very own publisher CATHERINE KRANTZ arrived with JUDITH WHITEHEAD AND Z-Royalty abounded including the VILLA DEL SOL'S HELMUT LEINS with his lovely daughter, LAURA, and DAVID and HEATHER LENT who recently sold the PUERTO MIO HOTEL. Adding to the smiles were ROB and LUPITA BRAVO WHITEHEAD (have you seen the black and gold dress in LUPITA'S store?).

Z-FLASH: DEBRA MESSING. star of Emmy Award winning TV show "Will and Grace" was "scene" sipping at Coconut's bar.


January 2001

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