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Archives: Volume 2 - Issue 11 - January 2001
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Volume 2 - Issue 11

January 2001

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Beach Reading - Quantum Mechanics, A Kind of Love Story.
So you want to know about the general theory of relativity and quantum mechanics? Where did we come from, where are we going, why are we here? Heady thoughts to ponder over college football and a belly full of Christmas dinner. But here we go.

Daytrips - Acapulco´s Fort of San Diego Museum
If the delicate design of antique Chinese porcelain or the romance of square-rigged sailing ships hold any fascination for you, take a break from surf and sand for a day and visit the historic "Fort of San Diego" museum in Acapulco.

Consider the Hammock, Señor
Think of those master Mayans out there a long time ago - extraordinary astronomers and mathematicians, those who produced the most accurate calendar, built awesome pyramids and stone palaces and created their own writing system - they also left us with one of man's best friends, the hammock.

Z-Scene - January 2001
Took my friends, SANDRA and JAY MESENGER of Colorado to see the "fab-ienda" being built by TONY and CLAIRE PIAZZA of the TRISTAR. Tony was nice enough to give us a tour and Jetsales magnate Jay, whose mother is columnist MAXINE MESENGER of the Houston Chronicle, was so impressed that he asked Real Estate Agent Extraordinaire, JUDITH WHITEHEAD of PARADISE PROPERTIES, to find a piece of paradise for him to buy.

Art in Zihuatanejo - Galeria Ixchel Maya
The name "Zihuatanejo" is derived from the Nahuatl "Cihuatlan" which means, Land of the Women. For many centuries Zihuatanejo was an important matriarchal center in Mexico. In keeping with this tradition, Galeria Ixchel Maya on Nicolas Bravo is host to a permanent collection of life sized, hard carved wood sculptures of some of Mexico's most prominent women.

Virgen de Guadalupe Day 2000
Virgen de Guadalupe Day is celebrated in Mexico on December 12th. Children dress up as the Virgen and Juan Diego and processions are made to area churches. Celebrations are held at area churches and dancers perform.

Uncle Sam & Your Mexican Home
Like many a traveler, you've come to Zihuatanejo, lets say from from Portland, Oregon, looking for an escape from the cold and the office. A little romance in a tropical paradise would be nice too! What you did not expect was to fall in love with the city and its charms: the beaches, the ambiance, the view.

Secret Spots - Tacos, anyone?
OK, Listen up, tacos, Mexican style, are not what you think they are. Forget Taco Bell, Old El Paso Taco Shells and anything resembling a curved fried tortilla. To a Mexican, tacos are flat, non-fried, tortillas topped with varying kinds of meats, veggies and spicy salsas.

The Taste of Mexico - Mole
Mole is prepared in such different ways that a whole encyclopaedia could be written about it. Mole includes the highly refined Pre-hispanic tradition, European ways of cooking, peasant wisdom, convent dedication, indigenous herbs and products from the Far East.

Zihuatanejo Sportfishing on ESPN again
Thanks to the efforts of Ixtapa Sportfishing Charters, Aeromexico Vacations and Airlines, and the Barcelo all-inclusive resort, Ixtapa Zihuatanejo once again enjoyed the opportunity to show the world its outstanding big game sportfishing through the eyes of the ESPN cameras.

Meet The Capts. - Chiquis
Captain José (Chiquis) Alberto Hernandez is the owner/operator of the 36 foot diesel powered sportfishing boat named the "Intruza". With an extremely wide beam and spacious cabin, the "Intruza" ensures a very comfortable ride for as many as 6 passengers under any conditions.

January Fish Report
The blue water has moved in to just off the beach and the gamefish came with the water. We are getting outstanding light line action on the small game at the White Rocks, the Solitary Rock, and around Ixtapa Island. It is not unusual, when fishing with live bait, to get 5 or six different species in one morning.

Traveling Mexico - Oaxaca City
Mexico is a country that is so diverse, I have no doubt that one could spend a lifetime trying to see all the places and peoples and still not come to know the country completely. Oaxaca City is just another example of the diversity of Mexico. Many people told me to go there.


Kalpully Kuahucihuatl

Kalpully Kuahucihuatl Aztec dance troupe performing in Zihuatanejo.

Photo: Tania Scales

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