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February Fish Report

"...a billfish is too valuable to catch only once."
Ed Kunze

February is finally here and this is our very best month to catch the exotic and aerobatic sailfish. Our sailfish are the year round bread and butter industry for the sport fishing fleet, but for the next 6 to 8 weeks, we get the added bonus of a huge migration of fish. Some incredible numbers are posted in the month of February.

To give you a sample of the action available, I have personally had 5 trolling rods out and all five rods went down within seconds of each other. We had four inexperienced clients and five sailfish bouncing around back behind the boat. Till things got settled down a little, it was almost like we were doing a scene in one of the old Charlie Chaplain movies.

Double digit, 10 to 13 releases, are not uncommon. Captain Margarito on the "Gaby" has, what I believe, the unofficial record with 24 sailfish releases in one day. He only quit fishing because they ran out of bait.

The blue marlin are here also and if you target them, a fish of a lifetime could be caught by spending about 3 days on the water.

Please remember, a billfish is too valuable to catch only once. Release them whenever possible.

The inshore fishing certainly should not take a back seat to the offshore fishing. The light line enthusiasts and fly fisherman are getting excellent results on dorado, barriletes, jack cravalle, sierras, rainbow runners and chulas (a small tuna with teeth and delicious white meat).

Another item that should be of interest to many people; we need observers for the Fintastic's Tag and Release Tournament in November. If you are interested, just contact me. Your costs would be nothing, yet you would get the chance to spend three days on the water with the best captains and boats in the area. It would be an incredible learning experience, and you would definitely be doing a service for conservation of our billfish industry.

February 2001

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