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Secret Spots - Pozole

"Get there early…it is the place to have pozole and it fills up quick."

K.L. Moore

This month, rather than profiling one particular restaurant, we thought we would turn you on to a traditional dining experience unique to the state of Guerrero, pozole. Every Thursday, without fail, most of the restaurants in the state offer pozole. Pozole is hominy soup, with either a chicken or pork stock base. Why it has become a Thursday institutional menu item is a mystery. The soup is heavy enough to be a whole meal and comes with a variety of sides to add to the soup itself. Surprisingly, the soup is good and I have heard that if you eat something hot and spicy in our climate, it somehow cools the body temperature. It works for me.

As you can imagine with every local area restaurant serving the dish, the tastes and varieties are plentiful. But, there is one particular place that seems to be the best of the best. El Profe is the place to be seen on Thursday for pozole. The restaurant is located outside of Zihuatanejo in the small town Coacoyul and is so well-known for the Thursday special that it is only open on Thursdays. To get there, take a combi from the combi station in front of the market next to Glob’s Café. The combis run every five minutes and are marked on the front in shoe polish Coacoyul. The cost is four pesos. Once you are in the town, turn left up the road at the pharmacy (farmacia) and go to the end of the road, El Profe is on your left. If you drive there, there are groups of young boys who, for a few pesos, will wash and guard your car. Get there early…it is the place to have pozole and it fills up quick. Do not be surprised if you have to share your table with a family or some local farmers, or wait for a free place. Pozole, of course, is the main dish offered on the menu and comes in two varieties, verde or blanco. The soup is served with pork rinds and avocados, onions, white cheese, fresh oregano, chiles and lots of limes. The menu also offers things to try such as, pigs feet (marnitas), carnitas (deep fried pork), tostadas de pollo, tacos de pollo, tamales and chalupas. The pig’s feet are boiled. The consistency is really soft and the nails are still on the feet. If you are feeling really adventurous, try the feet. The traditional complimentary drink for your pozole is mezcal. Mezcal is on the menu as wall as tequila and beer. Oh, they have sodas, too.

Most of the comida corridas in town offer pozole on Thursdays. In Zihuatanejo, my recommendation would be the comida corrida, Doña Licha’s. The restaurant is located behind the market and offers white and green pozole, with a pork or chicken stock. Once again, you have to get here early too, the place is full of local businessmen and families, slurping their pozole and sipping fresh waters and cervezas.

But for the best pozole experience go to El Profe in Coacoyul. It is all about the experience.

Buen Provecho

February 2001

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