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Z-Scene February 2001

"The entire day was food for the soul."

Judy Brown

MOONLIGHT MADNESS: Tripping the Night Fantastic at DAVID and LOIS BROWN'S full-moon cocktail party were a mix of Z-locals and out-of-towners. The party was given in honor of friend COLETTE HILLER who works at the BBC in London, England. Celebrating upstairs under the expansive palapa at the BROWN'S luscious VILLA ZANZIBAR were TIM SULLIVAN and his lovely wife CARMEN, ROBIN and VICTOR BASHBUS from Ixtapa and DEWEY McMILLAN from Troncones. Among the out-of-towners were DAVID and WENDY HORNING from Stinson Beach, Ca., KEVIN MACWAY from Napa, Ca., and ELAINE ERICKSON and KIM and PETER from Canada

TONY and CLAIRE PIAZZA (of the TRISTAR fame) arrived with CLAIRE'S parents from Mendocino, Ca. and further enhancing the sparkle of the evening was Scintillating CINDEE LEO and Devoted Hubby DAN. JUDY BRENNAN who owns the Oaxacan Rug Store in town (she also carries colorful sarongs from Bali among other things) brought her beautiful daughter RUBY, and KATHE who has the gift shop at HOTEL PARAISO REAL (look for her blow-out sale at the end of the month) and husband BRIAN who is the kayak tour guide were swaying to the sounds of the salsa music as were Massage Therapist Supreme TOM MARKS, Real Estate Agent Extraordinaire JUDITH WHITEHEAD of Paradise Properties, Z-Always Amazing MARGO CHIPMAN, JAY and MONIQUE, Z-Lovely LETI and Z-Superwoman GRACE, La LEONORA with friend FRED, EVIE (who makes the incredible EVIE'S BROT) and our own Newspaper Maven CATHERINE KRANTZ and KAT MOORE with friends from Mexico City.

BIRTHDAY CHEERS: Later on in the week Hostess With The Mostest LOIS, Dashing DAVID and Ms Extraordinaire could be heard singing Happy Birthday to CINDEE LEO along with hubby DAN at the HOTEL VILLA DEL SOL. New French maitre'd STEPHANE did a superb job making sure that the intimate birthday bash was memorable.

PERFECTLY PEACEFUL DAY: At BERNIE WITTSTOCK'S Bed and Breakfast, PLAYA CALLI, in Barra de Potosi. His "house of the beach" is charming with three lovely rooms, a swimming pool, a well stocked library and primo tequila. The entire day was "food for the soul".

Hemingwayesque boatman HECTOR OLEA (of the magical beard and sparkling eyes) announced that now is a good time for whale watching. You can leave a message for him at his COCONUTS bar "office" or next door at JJ'S GRILL.

WHAT A TREAT: On Saturday night at TONY and CLAIRE PIAZZA'S "fab-ienda", CLAIRE'S multi-talented father JAY FRANKSTEN, gave a poetry reading just as the sun was setting over breathtaking Zihuatanejo Bay. Among the lucky "poetrygoers" were "fab-ienda" architect CARLOS ALONSO with his HORTENCIA, and Z-beauty ISABEL. What a divine way to spend an evening. Good wine, good friends and good vibes. Now that's what I call "Z-rrrrific"!

SOON TO BE JUMPING: Opening night at JJ'S BURGERS AND TACOS was hopping...all the usual suspects were in attendance and everyone was sufficiently snockered on 5 peso beer. New Happening Bartender, CATHERINE was an expert at crowd control and lion taming.

SLOWDOWN FOR THE LOWDOWN: "Scene" dining at COCONUTS were performance comedian and NORMAN LEAR comedy writer EMILY LEVINE and ARVIN BROWN director of TV's "Ally McBeal" and "The Practice". EMILY is "playcationing" as a houseguest at JOE and PATSY LOGIUDICE'S exotic VILLA CASA LUNA and ARVIN is basking in the luxury of HOTEL CASA QUE CANTA.

FYI: Reported sighting of author CLIFFORD IRVING at LAS URRECAS, as well as the legendary XAVIER HOLLANDER, who has a new book out, her autobiography "Child No More", with long time friend, JOHN enjoying the special Sunday lunch prepared on the grill by Surfer Chef CHRISTIAN at HACIENDA EDEN in TRONCONES.

Actor Phenomenal LIEV SCHREIBER of stage and screen was "scene" sipping cervezas and tequila with friends at the new JJ's over the weekend, leaving one blushing bartender in a tizzy...

Z You Next Time...

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February 2001

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