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Archives: Volume 2 - Issue 12 - February 2001
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Volume 2 - Issue 12

February 2001

Zihuatanejo Teachers Get Chance To Save The World
"Work together to identify global problems and develop sustainable solutions". The objective was pretty straightforward - invite teachers, the media and representatives of government and society to become "global leaders" for a day and see what kind of solutions they come up with for the many pressing problems of their world - but making this happen in Zihuatanejo was no small feat.

Z-Scene February 2001
MOONLIGHT MADNESS: Tripping the Night Fantastic at DAVID and LOIS BROWN'S full-moon cocktail party were a mix of Z-locals and out-of-towners. The party was given in honor of friend COLETTE HILLER who works at the BBC in London, England.

Taxes Here, Taxes There, Taxes Everywhere
Everyone involved in real estate has heard the adage "Location, Location, Location". While undoubtedly this saying has a lot of truth to it, no less true is the following: "Taxes, Taxes, Taxes". Consider as well that when two countries can claim tax jurisdiction over you or your property, things become quite complicated. Real estate is a good example of this.

Magic in Mexico
Magic, witches and warlocks and spells, boiling cauldrons, these are the things I think of when I hear the word 'magic'. But there is so much more to the word, or shall I say, concept of magic. In Mexico, magic is word not be used lightly.

Secret Spots - Pozole
This month, rather than profiling one particular restaurant, we thought we would turn you on to a traditional dining experience unique to the state of Guerrero, pozole. Every Thursday, without fail, most of the restaurants in the state offer pozole.

Meet The Capts. - Mecate
Captain Angel (Mecate) Cortés is the owner of the sportfishing cruiser named the "Aqua Azul" (Blue water) which is moored and embarks from the Puerto Mio gas dock in Zihuatanejo Bay. T

February Fish Report
February is finally here and this is our very best month to catch the exotic and aerobatic sailfish. Our sailfish are the year round bread and butter industry for the sport fishing fleet, but for the next 6 to 8 weeks, we get the added bonus of a huge migration of fish.

Zihuatanejo ranked 2nd in the world for Sailfishing
In an impressive list of world wide sailfishing destinations, with Mexico prominently represented, Ixtapa/Zihuatanejo ranks second in the world.

Travelling Mexico - In Search of Magic, Tepoztlán
Tepoztlán, south of Mexico City is famous with D.F. daytrippers and spiritual seekers. Steeped in history, ancient and modern, known for its heritage and hippie atmosphere, Tepoztlán is a magical place.

Beach Reading - Magical Realism
Latin American literature grabbed my attention when I was first in high school. I went to Catholic girls school and was fortunately exposed to great authors and poets. Our brother school, the local Jesuit high school, had many students of the Latin persuasion.

 Whale watching near Zihuatanejo
Whale Watching Zihuatanejo
An unusual sighting of two Orcas, a male and a female, hunting Humpback whales just outside Zihuatanejo Bay, spotted from the deck of the Nirvana in early February. Photo: Andrew Jones

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