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Mexican Pewter

Handcast Aluminum Pewter - Hecho en Mexico

"This new alloy is composed of: aluminum for brilliancy and sheen, copper for malleability and silica for strength."

Marielle Crowley

Several years ago, I fell in love with a house on Paseo del Pescador, which prompted me to start a business of "Artesania Mexicana", based mainly on "Mexican Pewter".

When I saw Mexican Pewter for the first time, its brilliance reminded me of silver but the designs were so different, so appealing. Even though I wasn't looking to buy any silver table wear I went in and asked the price of an amusing platter with "conejos", or rabbits. What a surprise when I was told the price!! I was hooked, I had to buy it, along with a set of salad servers and...the rest is history. The merchandise was shipped on time, it always is, and today after 4 years in business I still love it just as much. New styles are constantly being added; modern, traditional and whimsical. They make decorative items as well as table wear, even beautiful lamps, mirrors, chandeliers and cocktail trays.

This wonderful product, which does not tarnish, was discovered approximately 20 years ago by Mexican Metalworkers, who had developed a new alloy, designed as a durable substitute for precious metals. This new alloy is composed of: aluminum for brilliancy and sheen, copper for malleability and silica for strength. Known in Mexico as "Pewter", Estaño in Spanish, this alloy bears little resemblance to traditional European pewter which contains high quantities of lead and is produced by a different process. Mexican pewter is fired in sand molds, each item is individually hand cast and carefully polished by local artisans to create a brilliant finish. There are slight imperfections, which are natural in this process and each piece is a unique product of the craftsman's hands.

It can be used in the oven and kept in the refrigerator. It is approved for a maximum temperature of 573 degrees Fahrenheit. It can be used for any type of food service, including salads, and how wonderful because they make the most beautiful bowls to keep your lettuce crisp. Mexican pewter is to be used every day. Washed with soap and water, it will never tarnish and will make your table look beautiful, brilliant and festive year round. Uniquely handcrafted exclusively in Mexico, it resembles silver, but in comparison to silver can be purchased at incredibly low prices. It is a joy to own and to offer, ask anyone who has discovered it, they have never looked back to their silver polishing days.

December 2000

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