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Archives: Volume 2 - Issue 10 - December 2000
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Volume 2 - Issue 10

December 2000

Welcome to Another Day in Paradise...

Ixtapa / Zihuatanejo's first and only English language magazine for expatriates and visitors alike.

We hope you enjoy our informative and entertaining publication and welcome any feedback or contributions.

Beach Reading - Kinky Friedman. Frequent Flyer
I'm wondering how many books you have to read by the same author before you can call yourself a fan. I'm on my 3rd Kinky Friedman and its feeling like a relationship. I'm feeling all attached, that's the beauty of good books and engaging writers --they take you along for the ride.

Day Trips - Bird Watching at Playa Larga
I have never birded in town or in Ixtapa but I do have a very nice day trip to another beach, Playa Larga, to see a dozen and a half different birds.

Pacific Coast Pirates
The Spanish galleon "Santa Ana" slowly tracked the coast of Baja California in November 1587 under clear skies and favorable sailing conditions. She was four months out of Manila and only days away from dropping anchor at her home port of Acapulco.

Art in Zihua - Z-Town Gallery
The new Z-Town gallery is the long awaited home to local surf and landscape oil painter Peter Schworer and other local and international artists. Until now, Schworer's work could only be seen as works in progress out on our area's beaches and surf spots with only occasional showings in area restaurants.

Our Lady of Guadalupe - Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe
December 12th is traditionally known in Mexico as the Day of Our Lady of Guadalupe (Día de Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe) celebrating the manifestation of the Virgin Mary appearing to the Aztec Native Juan Diego on Dec 9, 1531.

The Music of Mexico - Mariachi Bands
To understand and love Mexican culture you must know the music of Mexico. Contrary to popular belief, the music you hear from the strolling musicians is not 'mariachi' music, 'mariachi' is a term used to describe a band of five or more musicians that wear the traditional costume of a 'charro' or Mexican cowboy, not the music itself.

Mexican Pewter
Several years ago, I fell in love with a house on Paseo del Pescador, which prompted me to start a business of "Artesania Mexicana", based mainly on "Mexican Pewter". When I saw Mexican Pewter for the first time, its brilliance reminded me of silver but the designs were so different, so appealing.

The Secret Spots - Marisqueria Los Cuates
I realized as I was thinking of places to review this month that I like seafood. The last restaurant I reviewed was a seafood place and the restaurant review from April 1999 also profiled a seafood treasure. So I like seafood, sue me. And, I live in a great place for mariscos.

The Taste of Mexico - Chocolate
Among the great pleasures of Pre-Hispanic Mexico, nothing could compare to a jicara ( a mug made from a hollowed dried fruit or guaje) of frothy hot chocolate, which for the Aztecs was the symbol of hospitality and wealth.

Fishing - Meet the Captains - Captain Jose Angel Lada
This month's article is a deviation from Ixtapa / Zihuatanejo's sport fishing boat captains and their methods. It is true that this month's featured captain is a good fisherman... but he does not fish for a living.

Fishing Report -December
We have it all this month and we must be the envy of other world wide fishing hotspots. Here it is December, the middle of winter, and we are catching blue marlin, giant yellowfin tuna, sailfish, and dorado.

Traveling Mexico - Mayan Ruins
The Maya have eluded scientists and researchers for many years now. Their language, their religion, their societies, basically their way of life, can only be pieced together by physical remains. But these ruins of ancient powerful cities inspire awe in any visitor.


Revolution Day

Zihuatanejo children parading for Dia de la Revolucion, Anniversary of the Revolution, November 20, 2000.

Photo: Grace Relfe

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