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Archives: Volume 2 - April 2001
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Fishing Report - April 2001

Ed Kunze

April is spring break time and Semana Santa. It is a good time for the hotels and restaurants, but traditionally, April has not been all that great for fishing. We have such a good year round fishery, that I can honestly say there are really only two months of the year that the fishing in our traditional areas can be poor. September is one, and only because the intense rains can sometimes make it difficult to get out on the water. April is the other. This is due to a green cold water current which moves into our coastal area, making for less than ideal conditions, to out about 25 miles. 

However, beyond the 25 mile mark, it is a completely different scenario. Serious tuna and blue marlin fishermen consider April and May as being the best months of the year. When you can find a good boat with the right captain, willing to make the 30 to 40 mile run, you can have a fishing experience of a lifetime. 

The giant yellowfin tuna average 250 pounds and several are caught each year weighing over 300 pounds. A big yellowfin tuna is a lead weight with a jet engine attached and is probably the hardest fighting fish in the ocean. 

The blue marlin average about 250 pounds, but a 500 pound blue marlin is a definite possibility. The sailfish and dorado have moved out there also. A 45 to 50 pound dorado and several releases on sailfish is not uncommon. The fish will not exactly be jumping in the boat, but each fish is a quality fish and well worth the hours spent going after them. 

April can be as good as you want to make it. If you do not mind fishing a little harder and traveling a little further you may not want to come back at any other time of the year. 

Please help us by being an official observer, even if it is just for one day, for the IGFA sanctioned Fintastic Tag and Release Tournament in mid-November. You will spend a quality day on the water, with the best captains in the area, and it will be free. 

Remember... "A billfish is too valuable to catch only once". 

April 2001

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