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Archives: Volume 2 - April 2001
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Judy Brown


WHAT: Oscar Party and First Annual Z-Pesca Awards WHERE: JJ's Burgers and Tacos
WHO: Gladiators, Crouching Tigers and scantily clad Erin Brockovich's A good sized crowd turned out for the Oscar Party and Pesca Awards on Sunday night at JJ's Burgers and Tacos. On hand for the celebration were always charismatic CAPT.ANDREW and KATE of the Nirvana and vivacious crew members KRIS and NICK, Z-Couple JOHN and CAROL of Zihrena Systems, JJ's "jefe" HANS, DAWN from Ixtapa (she's opening a trendy cosmetic store in Z) RICK and CISSY and JOHN from Austin, Tx., JEREMY the fisherman, and ISABELLE from Switzerland who is the new head of reception at the Villa Del Sol. Adding to the sparkle of the evening were SHARI CRAWFORD, MICHELE from Troncones and HUW who does the surf tours there. Also attending were the Princeton Pups and Brentwood Belles (more on them later), LINDA FOX who has returned to Z after a seven year hiatus and a group from Barra de Potosi. Adding to the glamour of the evening were producers Z-Kaptivating KAT dressed as DREW BARRYMORE in see through beige chiffon dress with embroidered butterflies (covering strategic areas) and sporting bright pink rock-star glasses, Z-Happening Bartender CATHERINE as the voluptuous SOPHIA LOREN with faux Hermes scarf draped over her raven hair, and Z-Superwoman-in-Training KATE appearing as JA-LO in cowboy boots with gold chains and mini-skirt cut up to there, only to change later in the evening into an elegant deep purple dress that was backless and cut down to there! 


BEST DRAMA: Z-Cyber War (accepting on behalf of the winners was webmistress CAROL who is from Neutral Territory) BEST COMEDY: SHARI CRAWFORD (on any given day) BEST ACTION: DAVID CONNELL (hmmmm) BEST DRESSED FEMALE: SHARI (wearing a politically correct Aids pin) BEST DRESSED MALE: CAPT. ANDREW (for wearing long pants)


Congratulations to KATE HUDSON for being nominated for Best Supporting Actress for her role as Penny Lane in Almost Famous. KATE and my "hija" JESSIE grew up together as youngsters and was considered part of our family. MAMAS AND PAPAS: Our congratulations also go out to Mama GOLDIE HAWN and "Pops" KURT RUSSELL for being such good parents, they're a terrific family. KURT taught JESSIE how to ski and one summer she went with the entire Hawn/Russell clan on a bicycling trip through the wine country of experience she will always remember.


John, owner of Casa Cuitlateca and long time friend DIANA who are both champion long distance runners spent last summer running marathons in the Balkans, including Croatia and Sarajevo, Bosnia. FYI: U.S. AMBASSADOR JEFFREY DAVIDOW and his charming wife JOAN spent a glorious week at Casa Cuitlateca relaxing and enjoying the unsurpassed sunsets from the exclusive and beautifully appointed Bed and Breakfast. Also guesting was R. MONDAVI and family of the distinguished and award winning Robert Mondavi Winery in Napa Valley, Ca.


My nephew, MIKE THE HUNK, and eight of his pals were visiting Z for the first time during their spring break from Princeton University. Z-Kaptivating KAT took them in tow and they all had a blast sunning in Troncones, funning on Playa La Ropa while parasailing and catching lobsters in the bay, surf-kayaking at Las Gatos and dancing the night away at the clubs in Ixtapa. Thanks to Ms. Real Estate Agent Extraordinaire my "happyminium" was intact and singing! Later in the week my youngest "hija" CHELSEA and her friends CHRISSY and JACKIE from Brentwood, Ca. joined in on the fun before the "pups" had to return to college. They almost "accidentally-on-purpose" missed their plane back to the East Coast but thanks to Auntie J (that would be me) they departed for the States on time.


Happy Birthday to Z-Tristar Mogul TONY PIAZZA , Z-Lightful GRACE, Z-Beauty ISABEL and BILL FISCH. TONY and his charming CLAIRE celebrated at La Valentina's for dinner with Scintillating CINDEE and hubby DAN LEO, MONA and friend DOROTHY from New York, and Ms. Extraordinaire. ISABEL started out by celebrating in Ixtapa with friend A.J. and family at the new buffet restaurant Ixtapa Palace. They then headed to Z for a small celebration at Coconuts with Z-Always Amazing Margo and others. 


"Scene" at Coconuts were ERIC IDLE of Monty Python and his lovely wife, TANYA, dining with owners JOE and PATSY LOGIUDICE. "Sipping the Night Fantastic" in the bar were professional chess player ELON, DEWEY from Troncones, Brentwood Belles CHELSEA, CHRISSY and JACKIE . Z-Kaptivating KAT and MEREDITH and RAOUL from Mill Valley, Ca.


Congrats to DAVID CONNELL and MAURA on the baptism of their baby boy DIEGO. Joining DAVE'S parents, TRACY and DAVID, at the church were his sister MICHELE, MAURA'S family, friends ISABEL, JUDITH, JIM and EVA and their new son AUGUST (destined to be DIEGO'S surfing buddy). On hand from Troncones were MICHELE, HUW and friend PHIL from Wales, and MARISSA who is the message therapist and yoga instructor at Eden. From DAVE'S office were office manager FABIOLA, new attorney LILIA and accountant Everardo . CARLOS RAMOS and family and friends Z-Publishing Maven CATHERINE and KAT were also on hand. Lunch was hosted by WALT and WILL of Casa Bahia who did a fabulous job seeing to it that everything was positively Z-licious.


When the cyclone hit on March 3rd, diners at the Villa Del Sol were rushed into the kitchen for safety by general manager PETER KOEHLER. CINDEE reports that even though the lights went out and the floor was flooded with three inches of water, guests continued playcationing, eating heur d'euves and experiencing the storm from the kitchen well in the night. Villa Del Sol Rocks!

Z You Next Time!

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April 2001

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