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Meet the Captains - Capt. Jaime

"He was fishing with his uncles, exposed to the elements in an open panga before most kid's mothers would allow them to cross a street unattended."

Ed Kunze

Ixtapa / Zihuatanejo is gaining recognition as one of the top year round sailfish producing areas in the world. So much, it now attracts some of the best fishermen on the globe to the several tournaments that are held here each year. 

There are several captains in the Ixtapa / Zihuatanejo area that have set themselves apart. Captain Jaime Morales Cortez's specialty is to target and ensure that his client gets an opportunity to battle one of the most exotic and spectacular fighting fish in the ocean. 

The sailfish has a large sail for a dorsal fin that is its namesake, but nothing correlates in its name to describe the aerobatics of this gamefish. Averaging about 75 pounds, a hooked sailfish will sometimes spend as much time airborne as in the water. Many fishermen consider the battle from one of these incredible fish as being a lifetime experience. 

Captain Jaime owns 3 Bertram cruisers, ranging from 31 feet to 33 feet and priced from $350.00 to $400.00 for a 7 hour day. It does not matter if you are on the Vamonos I, Vamonos II, or La Kirrurris, these diesel powered vessels will give 5 to 7 people a great day on the water. 

Jaime was born and raised in Zihuatanejo. He was fishing with his uncles, exposed to the elements in an open panga before most kid's mothers would allow them to cross a street unattended. 

Captain Jaime has been doing this for a long time and his clients have hooked an average of 250 sailfish each year....year in and year out. His success rate is not 100%, but he is as near to being perfect as any other captain on the coast. This is partially due to being so popular, that year round, he is on the water several days a week and has first hand knowledge for the best concentrations of fish. 

Each year there are a few international billfish tournaments here and in Lazaro Cárdenas. These tournaments are gaining recognition and generally never have less than 100 boats competing. To give you an idea of how successful Captain Jaime is, he has accomplished the incredible feat of actually winning seven of the tournaments outright for an average of one win per year. It seems like when he is on the water, everyone else is fishing for second place. 

He prefers fishing the blue water and will travel out to 20 miles in order to find it. Up on the flybridge he is perpetually scanning the water for the tell-tale signs of fish. He knows the surrounding waters so well, that, if he does not get a fish on the way out, he will go to an area that he knows will produce and is almost always on the money. Captain Jaime can be reached at 554-8158.

April 2001

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