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Secret Spots - In review

"Remember, life is all about the adventure, even with food."

K.L. Moore

The last hurrah...the ultimate time....the last issue of the season. I want to close out the season with a hats-off, a kudos, to some of the favorites, our Old Faithfuls, the Secret Spots of Another Day in Paradise.

October , 2000 - Returning from a long Texas summer, I had enough of the barbecue and Tex-Mex of home. I was ready to have a dining experience like only Zihuatanejo could offer. A beautiful romantic setting, waves crashing, candlelight, and good food, no, make that excellent food., La Madera. Chef Mathias is an artist. Being French he uses his uncanny ability to create unique and amazing sauces for food, tastes to compliment tastes. His desserts are to die for and the beef carpaccio can not be missed. Located on the beach, La Madera ocean-side, it makes for a very special spot and is a place to be visited time and again. 

November, 2000 - By this time I had settled back into the Zihua way of life and my Mexican eating habits. Fish being the main dish on my personal menu. People had been recommending El Güero; best fish in town, I kept hearing. Big boast, seeing as how this is a fishing village. I was not disappointed. The octopus is perfect and the traditional Costa Grande way of preparing the mariscos is some of the best in town. The restaurant has since moved out to Playa Larga. The move has only added to the ambiance, which was a bit lacking in the old location by the airport. The menu remained somewhat the same, a few more choices now. As always, Marco and Nancy are wonderful hosts. 

December, 2000 - Once again, fish and seafood was the order of the day. I can never get enough fresh seafood. This month the highly recommended Marisqueria Los Cuates was profiled. Hidden behind the car-wash, next to the post office, it is always full of customers and the menu offers the most diverse selection and preparation of seafood in town. Not to be missed - the shrimp brochette and the stuffed avocado. Hard to find, but well worth the hunt...only open until 6:30 or so, it is definitely a lunch place. 

January, 2001 - After a promise to stop with my seafood fetish, I tried this month to let people to know about tacos. Mexico has contributed much to the world's gastronomic fare, but tacos, in my humble opinion, are the best. Eating tacos is such a normal thing to do that it is hard to say who has the best. Preparation and ingredients vary, but there are four area taco stands that stand out. Los Braceros, the most tourist-oriented of all taco stands, with menus in English. El Pastocito, my personal favorite, very traditional, only Spanish spoken. Flechita Roja, the most popular local taco joint, and Taqueria Ely, located in the old market has some of the best salsas. 

February, 2001 - Every Thursday in our state of Guerrero, pozole is served at most restaurants. It is a hominy soup, in either a pork or chicken base served at lunch time with sides of fresh cilantro, basil, oregano, jalepeños, and onions. The best place around is in Coacuyal, just outside of Zihuatanejo. El Profe. It is packed with locals and tourists and you definitely need to get there early. Why pozole is a Thursday tradition is somewhat of a mystery, but partaking makes you feel like you are doing something right. If you can not make it to Coacuyal, any area comida corida will be serving pozole. Try our favorite, Doña Licha's. Do not miss the side of mezcal as well, seems to cleanse the palate, or something. 

March, 2001 - Sushi, Senor Ito's, another way to prepare fish. What better than fresh fish, caught daily, rolled up in futo maki , with all your favorite ingredients. This article not only profiles the restaurant but how to properly eat sushi with all the correct manners and customs. Señor Ito's is located in Ixtapa, next to Señor Frog's. The fresh spicy tuna roll is my recommendation, with a side of saki. 

Well, there you have them. Another Day in Paradise's Secret Spots. Have fun finding them and ordering. Remember, life is all about the adventure, even with food. 

Buen Provecho.

April 2001

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