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Archives: Volume 2 - Issue 14 - April 2001
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Volume 2 - Issue 14

April 2001

Welcome to another day in Paradise.

Editors note:

This issue marks the end of Another Day in Paradise's second season in Zihuatanejo. A big thanks to all past and present contributors for another successful season, have a great summer, see you in October!

Another Day in Paradise is Zihuatanejo/Ixtapa's only English language magazine. We have a monthly print circulation of 1,000 copies distributed to over 50 area businesses in Zihuatanejo/Ixtapa. Our web site receives in excess of 1,000 visitors a month. Over 20,000 people worldwide have read your small beach town paper online to date and we hear from more of them every day. 

Writers, here is your chance to be heard. We are always looking for new feature writers, columnists, photographers and contributors of all kinds. 

Advertisers, here is your chance to be seen by a world wide audience that already has Zihuatanejo / Ixtapa in mind. Another Day... will be again expanding next season but as usual advertising space is limited, we have had a waiting list and an average 3 month waiting period for new advertisements all season. Now is the time to start thinking about next season. Reserve your full season spot now, don't wait until it's too late to sign up! 

Cock Fighting - 5,000 Years of Mean Chickens...
Cock fighting is possibly the world's oldest spectator sport. There is some speculation about its exact origins and age, from as old as 6,000 years to as new as 1,000 years old, cock fighting has been around for awhile...

Secret Spots - In review
The last hurrah...the ultimate time....the last issue of the season. I want to close out the season with a hats-off, a kudos, to some of the favorites, our Old Faithfuls, the Secret Spots of Another Day in Paradise...

Find out what's been going on in Zihuatanejo and Ixtapa for the April 2001 edition...

Meet the Captains - Capt. Jaime

Ixtapa / Zihuatanejo is gaining recognition as one of the top year round sailfish producing areas in the world. So much, it now attracts some of the best fishermen on the globe to the several tournaments that are held here each year. 

There are several captains in the Ixtapa / Zihuatanejo area that have set themselves apart. Captain Jaime Morales Cortez's specialty is to target and ensure that his client gets an opportunity to battle one of the most exotic and spectacular fighting fish in the ocean...

Fishing Report - April 2001
April is spring break time and Semana Santa. It is a good time for the hotels and restaurants, but traditionally, April has not been all that great for fishing. We have such a good year round fishery, that I can honestly say there are really only two months of the year that the fishing in our traditional areas can be poor. September is one, and only because the intense rains can sometimes make it difficult to get out on the water. April is the other. This is due to a green cold water current which moves into our coastal area, making for less than ideal conditions, to out about 25 miles...

Curandera of Petatlán
Every visit to Zihuatanejo brings surprises. Still, for all the relaxation and soul restoration granted me during my annual sojourns, I had not experienced any "magic" on my three prior Zihua trips. I mean that type of mind-challenging experience that North Americans have come to expect in Latin America in the years since Carlos Castañeda first introduced us to his mystical journey...

Where there's a Will there's a Way

What's the Plan Man?

We all have a "Plan" that distributes the property we own when we pass away. The difference is that some of us are familiar with our plan, others are not. Those with foresight have drafted estate planning documents, including a Will, that customize the plan to meet our needs and wishes. Those who have not bothered to see an attorney in this regard are provided a cookie cutter, one size fits all plan, by the individual states of the US and Mexico...

Surfing for Beginners
The beaches around Ixtapa / Zihuatanejo are known for their surfing. As the tourist high season winds down for the summer months, the surfing season begins. To find out a little bit more about the practicalities of this exhilarating sport, we talked to Jungle Jaak of Jungle Tours for some basics from his surfing for beginners course...

Traveling Mexico - Homeward Bound
Some many people come here via plane. Some even come by bus. And a few come by car. Driving through Mexico, how crazy is that???? Not so crazy. It is cheaper. It allows you to see more of this wondrous country. It is long, but the view is beautiful, sprawling mountains, thick forests and quaint colonial towns. Granted, you will need some time. About two to three days, depending on how fast and furious you drive...


Carousel at the Petatlán State Fair

Carousel at the Petatlán State Fair, April 8-22
Photo: Catherine Krantz

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